About US

BioIntel360 is a boutique strategy research and consulting firm offering biotechnology specific business intelligence on emerging opportunities and risks across a wide range of end-use sectors.

BioIntel360's unbiased analysis leverages a proprietary analytics platform to offer a detailed view on market opportunity, best practices, emerging business models, and market innovation to help clients identify unique opportunities.

Wide Coverage

Assess market opportunities and risks in 70+ biotech sectors across top 50 economies to offer the most comprehensive market intelligence.

Global Analyst Network

Leveraging a global network of analysts, we derive country specific intelligence focused on delivering accurate data and actionable insights.

Analytics Platform

Our proprietary analytics platform tracks thousands of targeted data sources to provide quantified business and investment opportunities.

Comparable Global Data

Understand opportunities and risks through comparable country datasets for better investment and strategic decision making.

Research Methodology

BioIntel360’s research methodology is based on industry best practices approved by leading research, consulting, and advisory firms. The research methodology follows a combination of exhaustive secondary research along with primary research, which involves market experts from leading companies across the value chain. The process involves reviewing publicly available information such as annual reports, broker reports as well gaining any further insight through business and consumer surveys.

In addition, BionIntel360’s research methodology leverages a proprietary predictive analytics platform to provide a highly accurate and unbiased business intelligence across global markets.


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